There are a few reasons why the arctic is a good setting for gothic literature. First, the arctic is a very remote and isolated place. This isolation can make people feel uneasy and paranoid, which is perfect for creating a sense of terror and suspense. Second, the arctic is a very dark and dreary place. This darkness can also add to the feeling of terror and suspense. Finally, the arctic is a very cold and unforgiving place. This cold can make people feel hopeless and helpless, which again is perfect for creating a sense of terror and suspense.

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Why is the Arctic important in Frankenstein?

The Arctic is important in Frankenstein because it plays a pivotal role in the creature’s development. The creature is first created in a laboratory in the Arctic, and it is here that he learns how to survive and adapt to his environment. The creature eventually makes his way to the south, where he meets Victor Frankenstein and becomes his nemesis. The Arctic setting thus provides a backdrop for the creature’s story and helps to shape his character.

How is the Arctic described in Frankenstein?

The Arctic is described as a cold and desolate place in Frankenstein. It is said to be “a region of perpetual snow and darkness” where “the sun is never seen” and “the moon and stars are never visible.”

What does the setting symbolize in Frankenstein?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the setting could symbolize a number of different things. Some possible interpretations include the dangers of playing with nature, the loneliness and isolation of the creature, or the power of knowledge.

What is Gothic about the setting in Frankenstein?

There are a few things that could be considered Gothic about the setting in Frankenstein. One is the fact that the story takes place in a dark and foreboding castle, which is often associated with Gothic fiction. Additionally, the weather is often stormy and gloomy, which creates a mood that is perfect for a Gothic horror story.


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