Grey literature is a type of research that includes a variety of sources that aren’t easily accessed through traditional channels. This includes things like:

– conference proceedings
– government reports
– white papers
– think tank reports
– agendas and minutes from meetings

Grey literature can be a valuable resource for researchers, as it can provide insights that might not be available elsewhere. However, it can be difficult to find and evaluate grey literature, as it is often not indexed in traditional databases.

Other related questions:

What does grey literature include?

Grey literature is a type of literature that is produced by organizations outside of the traditional academic or commercial publishing channels. This includes, but is not limited to, reports, white papers, conference proceedings, and government documents.

What are the types of grey literature?

There are many different types of grey literature, but some common examples include government reports, grey literature from scientific or medical research, and technical reports from standards organizations.

Is grey literature research?

Grey literature is a type of research that refers to information that is not easily accessible or available through traditional channels. This can include grey literature research papers, reports, and other documents.


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