Scientists use laboratory research and literature to acquire new information in a variety of ways. By conducting experiments in the laboratory, they can verify or disprove hypotheses about how the world works. They can also use the scientific literature to learn about new discoveries and to gain insights into the work of other scientists.

Other related questions:

What is scientific literature and how do scientists use it?

Scientific literature is the body of published work that contains scientific research. Scientists use it to communicate their findings and to advance their field of study.

How do most scientists search for and find relevant information in the scientific literature?

Most scientists search for and find relevant information in the scientific literature by using scientific databases.

How does the scientific method acquire new knowledge?

The scientific method is a systematic process that helps scientists acquire new knowledge. It involves making observations, asking questions, formulating hypotheses, conducting experiments, and analyzing data.

Why is scientific literature important in a research?

Scientific literature is important in a research project because it provides a way to communicate the findings of the research to other scientists and to the general public. The literature also allows other researchers to build upon the work that has been done in the past and to extend the knowledge that has been gained.


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