A literature review in a counseling program can be a great way to learn about different authors and their works. It can also be a helpful way to research and review different classic texts. When doing a literature review, be sure to keep in mind the different purposes of each type of text. For example, an essay might be written to argue a point, while a research paper might be more focused on gathering data and information. Reviewing different literature can also be a great way to learn about different authors and their writing styles.

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What is literature review in counseling?

A literature review is a comprehensive summary of the published research on a particular topic. It provides an overview of the existing literature, highlighting the gaps in knowledge and identifying the areas where further research is needed. Counselors may use literature reviews to inform their practice or to guide their research.

What are the 5 steps of literature review?

1) Define your research question

2) Identify relevant search terms

3) Conduct a search of the literature

4) Evaluate the quality of the sources

5) Synthesize the literature to answer your research question

What are the 7 steps in writing a literature review?

1. Choose your topic.

2. Find sources.

3. Read and take notes on your sources.

4. Develop a thesis or main argument.

5. Organize your literature review.

6. Write your literature review.

7. Edit and proofread your literature review.


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