There are many ways to be voiceless in literature. One way is to be an author who writes books that are classic and highly respected, yet never seems to get the credit they deserve. Another way is to be a research writer who instead of getting published in literary journals, spends their time writing reviews and essays that go unnoticed. Finally, there are the writers who are always overshadowed by their more famous peers, no matter how hard they try to get noticed.

Other related questions:

What is meaning of voiceless?

The term voiceless refers to sounds that are produced without the use of the vocal cords. These sounds are typically produced by exhaling air through the mouth.

What makes someone voiceless?

There are many reasons why someone may be voiceless. They may not have the ability to speak due to a physical condition, or they may not be able to be heard because they are too quiet. Additionally, someone may feel voiceless because they are not being listened to or their views are not being heard.

What is voiceless writing?

Voiceless writing is a form of writing that does not use any voiced sounds. This means that all of the consonants in the writing are unvoiced, or pronounced without using your vocal cords.


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