It is no secret that literature is a notoriously underfunded field of research. In part, this is because literature is often seen as a less “serious” topic of study than other, more “practical” disciplines. But this is a false dichotomy; literature is an incredibly important field of research that can yield important insights into the human condition.

There are a number of reasons why literature is worth funding. For one, literature is a window into other cultures and times. By studying literature, we can gain a better understanding of the people and societies that produced it. What values and beliefs were important to them? What were their concerns and preoccupations?

Secondly, literature can be a great teaching tool. The best literature is not didactic, but it can still teach us valuable lessons about life and ourselves. By engaging with a work of literature, we can learn about different perspectives and life experiences that we might not otherwise have access to.

Finally, literature is simply enjoyable. A good book can transport us to another world, make us laugh, or make us cry. It can give us a much-needed respite from the mundane reality of our everyday lives. Reading for pleasure is not a frivolous activity; it has real, tangible benefits for our mental and emotional wellbeing.

So, the next time someone asks you why literature is worth funding, you can give them a few good reasons. And who knows? You might just convince them to support your favourite literary research project.

Other related questions:

How do you get funding for a research idea?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the amount of funding required for a research project will vary depending on the scope and scale of the project. However, some ways to obtain funding for research include applying for grants from government agencies or private foundations, conducting crowdfunding campaigns, or seeking support from investors.

What are the four types of research funding?

There are four main types of research funding: government funding, corporate funding, nonprofit funding, and personal funding.

What is a funded research project?

There is no single definition of a “funded research project,” but in general, it refers to a project that has received financial support from one or more sources. The source of funding can be from a government agency, a private foundation, or another type of organization. The project may be ongoing or completed, and the funds may be used to support various activities related to the research, such as salaries, equipment, travel, and other expenses.

What is a literature review in a grant proposal?

A literature review is a section of a grant proposal that reviews relevant research on the topic of the grant. This research can come from scholarly journals, books, or other sources. The literature review is used to provide context for the proposed project and to show that the project is based on sound research.


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