A literature review for drilling fluids may cover topics such as the properties of different drilling fluids, the effects of drilling fluids on the drilling process, and the safety and environmental concerns associated with drilling fluids.

Other related questions:

What are the main factors to determining drilling fluids?

The main factors to determining drilling fluids are:

– The type of rock being drilled
– The type of drill bit being used
– The depth of the hole being drilled
– The diameter of the hole being drilled
– The desired properties of the drilling fluid

What requirements should a drilling fluids meet?

The drilling fluids should meet the requirements of the API RP 13B-1.

What are the main functions of a drilling fluid which function is considered the most important and why?

The main functions of drilling fluid are to:

1. Suspend the drill bit and cuttings
2. Cool and lubricate the drill bit
3. Carry the cuttings to the surface
4. Maintain the wellbore stability
5. Control the formation pressure

The most important function of drilling fluid is to maintain the wellbore stability. If the wellbore is not stable, it can collapse and cause serious problems.

What is the importance of drilling fluid?

The drilling fluid is used to support the weight of the drill bit and to cool and lubricate the drill bit. It also carries the cuttings away from the drill bit.


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