Horses are often used as symbols in Gothic literature. They can represent a number of things, such as power, strength, and freedom. They can also represent the dark side of human nature, such as our capacity for violence and destruction.

Other related questions:

What do horses represent in All the Pretty Horses?

Horses in All the Pretty Horses represent the wild and untamed spirit of the American West. They are also a symbol of freedom and independence.

What is Gothic literature symbol?

Gothic literature is often associated with death, decay, and the supernatural.

What are 4 characteristics of Gothic literature?

1. Gothic literature is often dark and mysterious, with a focus on the supernatural or the macabre.

2. Gothic literature often has elements of suspense and horror, and may even be considered ” suspenseful horror.”

3. Gothic literature often has a strong sense of atmosphere, and is often set in dark, foreboding places.

4. Gothic literature often has characters that are tortured, both physically and emotionally.

What is the main message of Gothic literature?

Gothic literature is a genre of literature that is characterized by its focus on dark, often supernatural, elements. Gothic literature often features characters who are struggling against some sort of evil, whether it be an external force such as a monster or an internal force such as a corrupt government. Gothic literature often has an atmosphere of suspense and dread, and its settings are often dark and foreboding.


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