Vultures are often seen as symbols of death and decay, as they are often associated with scavenging and feeding on carcasses. In literature, vultures can represent a number of different things depending on how they are used. For example, they could represent the dark side of human nature, or they could be used to symbolize the inevitability of death.

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What does vulture Symbolism?

Vultures are often seen as symbols of death and decay, due to their scavenging habits. However, they can also represent hope and new beginnings, as they are known to clean up after other animals and help keep the environment clean. In some cultures, vultures are even seen as guardian angels.

What do vultures symbolize in Greek mythology?

Vultures are often associated with death, decay, and misfortune in Greek mythology.

What God has a vulture as a symbol?

There is no one god with a vulture as a symbol. Vultures are generally seen as scavengers and are associated with death, so they may be seen as symbols of death or destruction in some cultures.


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