A priest is a figure who is often seen as a symbol of wisdom, guidance, and authority. In literature, priests often play the role of a mentor or teacher, helping the protagonist to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. In some stories, the priest may also be a symbol of corruption or evil, representing the dark side of human nature.

Other related questions:

What is the role of priest in society?

The role of the priest is to lead the community in worship and to provide religious guidance.

What is the significance of the priest in Araby?

The priest in Araby is a symbol of the protagonist’s religious faith. He is also a reminder of the protagonist’s duty to his religion.

What are some symbols in Araby?

The symbols in Araby include the following:

-the church

-the priest

-the boy’s uncle

-the boy’s aunt

-the boy’s friends

-the girl he likes

-the bazaar

What does Mangan’s sister symbolize in Araby?

Mangan’s sister symbolizes the unattainable object of desire. She is the object of Mangan’s infatuation, and he is unable to act on his feelings or express them in a way that would lead to a meaningful relationship.


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