What does allude mean in literature?


Sep 1, 2022

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When an author makes a reference to another work of literature, they are said to be alluding to it. An allusion can be direct or indirect, but allusions typically expect the reader to spot the reference and to understand the greater implications it has for the work as a whole.

For instance, an allusion to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet might expect the reader to understand the tragic consequences of young love. Allusions can be used to add depth and richness to a work, or to make a pointed comment about another work or author.

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What does allude mean in reading?

When a writer alludes to something, they are referring to it indirectly. This can be done through a comparison, a reference to something else, or even just a hint. Allusions can be helpful in making a point more clearly, or in adding depth to a story.

What is the true meaning of allude?

To allude to something is to reference it indirectly.

What is an example of allude?

An example of allude would be if someone said “I’m not sure what you’re getting at” in response to a question. This would be an indirect reference to the fact that the person does not understand the question.

Does allude mean allusion?

No, allude does not mean allusion. Allude means to refer to indirectly, while allusion means a reference to something else.


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