What does basis mean in literature?


Sep 27, 2022

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Basis is a term used to describe the foundation or starting point for something. In literature, basis often refers to the original text or source material that an author draws upon when creating a new work. This can include classic works of fiction, non-fiction books, plays, poems, or even historical documents. By understanding the basis of a work, readers can gain a deeper understanding of the author’s intent and the overall message of the piece.

Other related questions:

What does basis mean in writing?

The basis of something is the underlying foundation or main supporting element. In writing, the basis can be the main idea, concept, or argument that the author is trying to communicate.

What is meant by the term basis?

The basis of a vector space is a set of linearly independent vectors that span the vector space.

What is an example of a basis?

There are many different types of bases, but one example of a basis is a set of vectors that span a vector space.

What does the phrase on the basis of mean?

“On the basis of” can mean either “in light of” or “based on”.


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