What does citation mean in literature?


Nov 5, 2022

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A citation in literature is a reference to a specific passage or work that has been used in writing. It can be either a direct quotation or an indirect reference.

Citations are often used to support or back up a claim or argument that an author is making. They can also be used to provide additional information about a particular work or author.

Citations can be found in both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are original works of literature, while secondary sources are reviews or critiques of those works.

Whether you are using a direct quotation or an indirect reference, it is important to include a citation in your paper. This will show your reader that you are engaging with the material and give them the opportunity to find the original source if they are interested in learning more.

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What is citation with example?

Citation is the act of quoting or referring to a source, typically in order to support a claim or argument.

For example, if you were to write a paper arguing that the novel “The Great Gatsby” is a commentary on the shallowness of the American dream, you might cite a passage from the book in which the character Daisy Buchanan says, “I’ll never let go of my little dream.”

What citation is used for literature?

There is no one specific citation style for literature. Different citation styles may be used depending on the type of literature being cited (e.g. poetry, prose, plays), and also depending on the specific requirements of the assignment or publication. Some common citation styles for literature include MLA, APA, and Chicago.

What is the full meaning of citation?

There is no one “full” meaning of citation, as the term can be used in a variety of ways. Generally, a citation is a reference to a specific source of information, typically in the form of a published work like a book, article, or website. This reference can be used to support a claim or argument made in a piece of writing. In some cases, a citation may also include a brief summary or quotation from the source material.

What is the best definition for citation?

Citation is the act of referring to a source of information or an authority in support of a statement or opinion.


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