What does concrete mean in literature?


Nov 4, 2022

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In literature, concrete refers to the use of specific and concrete language to describe people, places, and things. Concrete language is often contrasted with abstract language, which uses more general and vague terms.

Other related questions:

What is the meaning of concrete example?

A concrete example is a specific instance or example of something.

What is concrete detail in Literature?

Concrete detail is a specific and concrete example from a text that supports an interpretation or analysis of that text.

What is concrete language literature?

There is no one definition of concrete language literature, but it generally refers to writing that uses concrete language to create vivid and specific images. This can include using concrete words and descriptive language, as well as incorporating sensory details. Concrete language literature often has an emotional or evocative quality, and can transport readers to different worlds or experiences.

What does concrete term mean?

A concrete term is a word or phrase that has a specific, literal meaning.


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