What does contrived mean in literature?


Oct 12, 2022

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Contrived is often used to describe a literary work that seems artificial or forced. A contrived plot is one that is overly complicated or relies on too many coincidences.

A contrived ending is one that is not believable or satisfying. It may be seen as a cop-out, or as an attempt to shock the reader.

Contrived can also be used to describe a character who is not believable or who seems to be a caricature.

Other related questions:

What does contrived mean in writing?

Contrived means something that is not natural or genuine, but instead is forced or fake. In writing, this can refer to a plot that is too complicated or unbelievable, or dialogue that sounds unnatural.

What does contrived mean example?

Contrived means something that is not natural or genuine, something that is forced or fake.

What is contrivance literature?

Contrivance literature is a type of writing that makes use of contrivances, or devices, in order to achieve its purpose. This can include using devices such as irony, satire, or even simple wordplay. The point of using contrivances is to add an element of fun or humor to the writing, while still getting the point across.

What contrive means?

To devise or plan something, usually with a specific goal or outcome in mind.


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