What does desist mean in literature?


Oct 25, 2022

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When an author writes a novel, they are creating a work of fiction. However, there are often elements of truth within the fiction. For example, an author may base a character on a real person, or use real events as inspiration for the plot. When an author does this, they are said to be drawing on reality.

However, there are times when an author may go too far in their use of reality. This can happen if they use someone’s real name without permission, or if they include events that are too similar to real life. When this happens, the person who is the subject of the fiction may ask the author to desist.

Desist means to stop doing something. In this context, it means to stop using someone’s real life in your work of fiction.

Other related questions:

How do you use desist in a sentence?

The company was ordered to desist from using unfair practices.

What is the synonym of desist?

There is no one perfect word to describe desist, but some possible synonyms include “cease,” “stop,” and “discontinue.”

What’s the difference between cease and desist?

Cease means to stop doing something, while desist means to refrain from doing something.


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