In literature, dialectical means relating to or involving dialogue or debate. Dialectical writing often features two or more characters engaged in a discussion, each trying to persuade the other to see their point of view. This type of writing can be found in plays, novels, and essays.

Other related questions:

What is dialectic example?

Dialectic is the practice of arriving at the truth through the exchange of opposing ideas.

What is dialectic in simple terms?

In simple terms, dialectic is a way of thinking that involves finding the middle ground between two opposing ideas. It is a way of thinking that is based on reason and logic, and it is often used in philosophy and in debates.

What is a dialectical story?

A dialectical story is one in which two characters hold opposing views on a subject, but eventually reach a resolution through discussion and debate.

How do you use dialectical in a sentence?

Dialectical thinking is a way of looking at the world that sees things in terms of opposites or contradictions.


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