What does dichotomy mean in literature?


Sep 22, 2022

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A dichotomy is a division or split between two things. In literature, a dichotomy is often used to contrast two different characters, themes, or ideas.

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What is a dichotomy example?

A dichotomy is a pair of opposites. Examples of dichotomies include good vs. evil, right vs. wrong, and male vs. female.

What is dichotomy in English literature?

Dichotomy is a literary device that refers to the division of something into two parts, usually for the purpose of contrast.

What is an example of dichotomy in a sentence?

The dichotomy between nature and nurture is a fundamental question in psychology.

What is dichotomy in essay?

In writing, a dichotomy is a contrast between two things, usually two ideas or concepts. For example, an essay might present the pros and cons of two different interpretations of a text, or two different political positions. Dichotomies can be helpful in clarifying complex ideas, but they can also oversimplify complex issues.


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