What does evoke mean in literature?


Nov 9, 2022

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When something is evoked, it is called to mind or brought forth. In literature, writers often evoke emotions, memories, and senses in order to create a certain mood or atmosphere in their writing. By evoking certain feelings or ideas, writers can give readers a more rich and complex experience.

Other related questions:

What does evoke mean in reading?

To evoke something is to bring it to mind or to cause it to be remembered.

What is an example of evoke?

The sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline evokes feelings of relaxation and peace.

Does the word evoke mean?

The word “evoke” can mean to bring forth or call up (a feeling, memory, etc.), to cause (an emotion, reaction, etc.), or to summon up (a particular response).

What is another term of evoke?

evoke can also be called “elicit.”


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