Exposition is a literary device used to introduce background information about the setting, characters, plot, and theme of a story. Exposition can be presented in a number of ways, including: flashbacks, dialogue, description, and narrative.

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What is an exposition example?

An exposition is a type of writing that is used to explain, describe, or inform. The main purpose of an exposition is to provide information about a topic in a clear and concise manner. Expositions can be found in a variety of different sources, such as books, essays, magazines, and even speeches.

What best defines exposition?

Exposition is the part of a story, play, or other work of literature that introduces the characters, setting, and plot.

What does rising action mean in literature?

Rising action refers to the part of the plot in a story where the conflict begins to intensify and the main characters start to experience more challenges. This is usually the point where the story starts to get more exciting and suspenseful, as the characters are forced to face tougher obstacles and make tougher decisions.

What is the main purpose of an exposition?

An exposition is a type of argumentative essay that is used to explain a particular issue or concept. The main purpose of an exposition is to persuade the reader to agree with the writer’s point of view.


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