What does ff mean in literature?


Oct 22, 2022

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When it comes to literature, “ff” typically stands for “folded folio,” which is a type of binding used for large, thick books. While “folio” simply refers to a sheet of paper that has been folded in half, a “folded folio” is a folio that has been folded in half twice, creating four pages. This type of binding is often used for classic texts or other books that are meant to be studied in depth, as it allows for a large amount of text to be contained in a relatively compact space.

In some cases, “ff” may also refer to “fine paper,” which is a high-quality paper often used for printing important documents or works of literature. This type of paper is usually thicker and smoother than standard copy paper, and it often has a slightly off-white color.

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What does FF mean reading?

In reading, FF generally stands for “fast forward.”

What is FF stands for?

FF stands for “File Format.”


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