What does implied mean literature?


Sep 20, 2022

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In literature, implied means something that is hinted at or suggested, but not directly stated. An implied message is one that is conveyed indirectly, usually through symbolism or allegory.

Other related questions:

What is implied in literature?

There are many possible interpretations to the question, “What is implied in literature?” but one possible answer could be that literature often contains implicit or unspoken messages and ideas.

What does Implied mean in writing?

When something is implied, it is suggested or hinted at, but not directly stated.

What does Implied mean in reading?

When something is implied, it is not directly stated but is suggested or hinted at. In other words, it is inferred from what is said or done.

What does Implied mean example?

When something is implied, it is suggested without being directly stated. For example, if a friend says they are “not feeling well,” the implication is that they are sick.


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