The inciting incident is the event that sets the story in motion. It is the event that changes the protagonist’s life and forces them to take action. The inciting incident is often the first major event in the story, but it can also occur later on.

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What is an example of an inciting incident?

One example of an inciting incident could be when a character is faced with a life-changing decision. This decision could be something like whether to accept a new job offer, move to a new city, or start a new relationship. This pivotal moment sets the stage for the rest of the story and determines the course of the protagonist’s journey.

What is a good inciting incident?

One possible inciting incident could be when the protagonist is faced with a problem or challenge that they must overcome. This could be something as simple as a test they must take or a difficult situation they must deal with. The inciting incident is usually the event that sets the story in motion and drives the plot forward.

Is inciting incident the same as climax?

No, inciting incident is not the same as climax. Inciting incident is the event that sets the story in motion, while climax is the story’s most exciting or suspenseful moment.

What does rising action mean in literature?

The rising action is the part of the plot that leads up to the climax of the story. This is when the conflict and tension begin to build and the reader is left wondering what will happen next.


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