In literature, an invocation is a prayer, appeal, or petition addressed to a deity or other supernatural power. Invocations often appear at the beginning of literary works, serving as a means of invoking the power or spirit of the work.

Other related questions:

What is invocation an example?

Invocation is when you call upon or request something from a higher power. This can be done through prayer, ritual, or simply asking for guidance.

What is an invocation in a story?

An invocation is a formal request or command. In literature, an invocation often takes the form of a prayer or plea addressed to a god or other supernatural being.

What is the purpose of the invocation?

The purpose of the invocation is to establish communication with the divine, or to summon a particular deity or spirit. It is also used as a form of protection.

What are the characteristics of invocation?

There are many different ways to invoke a method, but some common characteristics include specifying the method name, providing any required arguments, and optionally specifying the object or class on which the method should be invoked.


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