An author may hint at something in literature without actually saying it outright. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as to add suspense or mystery to a story, or to make a reader think more deeply about a character or situation. Hints can also be used to foreshadow events that will occur later in the story.

Other related questions:

What is it called when an author hints at something?

It is called foreshadowing when an author hints at something.

What are the 4 types of foreshadowing?

1. Juxtaposition

2. Chekov’s Gun

3. Red Herring

4. Foreshadowing by Association

What does foreshadows mean in literature?

Foreshadows is a literary device that is used to hint at or suggest what is to come later in the story. It can be used to create suspense, to give clues to the reader, or to set up future events.

What is indirect foreshadowing?

Indirect foreshadowing is when the author uses clues to hint at what is going to happen later on in the story. This can be done through dialogue, description, or events that occur.


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