Key effect is a literary technique that is used to create a desired effect on the reader. It can be used to create suspense, to evoke emotions, or to create a certain atmosphere.

Other related questions:

What is an effect in literature?

An effect in literature is when the author creates a certain feeling or atmosphere in their writing. This can be done through the use of descriptive language, dialogue, plot, and characters.

What are key elements in literature?

Some key elements in literature are setting, plot, characters, and theme.

What does it mean effect on a story?

The effect of a story is the overall impact that it has on the reader. This can be positive or negative, and can be influenced by factors such as the plot, characters, setting, and theme.

What are the 7 element of literature?

The seven elements of literature are plot, character, setting, point of view, style, theme, and symbolism.


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