For kids, literature cited means books that are classic and important to study. These are texts that are often referenced in essays and research papers. They can be either fiction or nonfiction, and are written by authors who are considered to be important writers.

Other related questions:

What is the meaning of literature cited?

The term “literature cited” refers to the list of sources that you consulted in preparing your paper. This list should include all the sources that you used, whether you cited them directly or not.

What does citing mean for kids?

Citing means to include a reference to a source of information in a piece of writing. When you cite a source, you are giving credit to the person or organization who created the original information.

What does work cited mean for kids?

The term “work cited” typically refers to the list of sources that you consult when researching a paper or other project. This list can include books, articles, websites, and other types of resources.


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