In English literature of the 1600s, the dash was used to indicate a sudden break in thought or to set off a list of items.

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What literary period was the 1600s?

The 1600s is often referred to as the “Age of Enlightenment” or the “Age of Reason.” This was a time when many people began to question traditional ideas and beliefs, and to think more critically about the world around them. Philosophers such as René Descartes and John Locke argued that people could use their reason to understand the world, and that knowledge should be based on evidence and logic rather than on tradition or authority. This way of thinking had a major impact on all areas of life, including science, politics, and religion.

What are the 7 periods of literature?

1. Ancient Literature

2. Medieval Literature

3. Renaissance Literature

4. Restoration Literature

5. 18th Century Literature

6. Romanticism

7. Modernism

What is the period between 1603 and 1625 in English literature called?

The period between 1603 and 1625 in English literature is known as the Jacobean era.

What are the 8 periods in English literature?

1. The Anglo-Saxon Period (449-1066)
2. The Early Middle Ages (1066-1200)
3. The High Middle Ages (1200-1300)
4. The Late Middle Ages (1300-1485)
5. The Renaissance (1485-1660)
6. The Restoration and 18th Century (1660-1785)
7. The Romantic Period (1785-1832)
8. The Victorian Period (1832-1901)


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