A persona is a type of mask that an author or writer wears in order to hide their true identity and to take on a different persona, or character. In literature, a persona is often used to build up suspense or to create a more dramatic effect. For example, an author may use a persona to write a first-person account of a story, in order to create a more personal and intimate experience for the reader.

Other related questions:

What is an example of a persona in literature?

In literature, a persona is a character who represents the author or narrator.

What is persona and example?

A persona is a type of character in a work of fiction, typically used to represent the author’s idea of a “ideal” or “everyman” type of character.

What does persona mean in writing?

A persona is a fictional character created by an author to represent themselves in their writing.

What is persona in English?

Persona is a Latin word that originally meant “mask.” In English, it can refer to the different roles that a person plays in life, or to the image that a person projects to others.


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