What does portray mean in literature?


Sep 7, 2022

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A portrayal is a representation of someone or something in art, literature, or another form of media. The person or thing being portrayed can be real or fictional. When an author writes a character, they are creating a portrayal.

Other related questions:

What is portray in reading?

Portray is defined as to represent or describe someone or something in a particular way. When you are reading, you are interpreting the text and representing it in your own mind.

What is an example of portray?

Portray can mean to represent someone or something in a particular way, often in art or literature.

Does portray mean represent?

No, “portray” does not mean “represent.” “Portray” means to depict or describe something in a certain way.

What does portrayed mean?

Portrayed means represented or depicted in a certain way.


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