When it comes to literature, the word “possessive” can have a few different meanings. It can refer to the possessive form of a noun, as in “the author’s work” or “the character’s motivation.” It can also describe someone who is very possessive or controlling, as in “the possessive lover” or “the possessive parent.”

But the word can also have a more positive connotation, when used to describe someone who is very passionate about literature and takes great pride in their collection of books. This type of person is often referred to as a “bookworm” or a “bibliophile.” And while they may be a bit possessive about their books, they are also usually happy to share their love of literature with others.

Other related questions:

What does possessive mean in writing?

In writing, possessive refers to the grammatical case that indicates ownership. For example, in the sentence “The cat’s toy is under the bed,” the word “cat’s” is in the possessive case.

What does the word of possessive mean?

The word “possessive” means relating to, or denoting, a grammatical case indicating ownership, possession, or origin.

What does possessive mean in language arts?

The possessive form of a noun is used to indicate ownership or association.


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