What does prologue mean in literature?


Nov 16, 2022

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A prologue in literature is an opening section that introduces the story. It typically provides background information on the characters or the world in which the story takes place. A prologue can also be used to set up the conflict or to provide a glimpse into the story’s resolution.

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What is prologue example?


We were all young once.

Innocent and naïve.

Full of hope and dreams.

Unsuspecting of the heartache and pain that life would eventually bring.

But that was before.

Now we know better.

Now we are jaded and weary.

Our hope has been shattered and our dreams have turned to dust.

We have all been hurt.

And we all have our scars to show for it.

But even though life has knocked us down, we get back up again.

We are survivors.

And this is our story.

What is a prologue and what is its purpose?

A prologue is a short section of text, typically at the beginning of a work of literature, that provides background information on the story or introduces the characters. Its purpose is to provide context for the reader and to set the stage for the story.

What is the meaning of epilogue in literature?

The epilogue is the final section of a book, typically consisting of a short summary or conclusion.

What is difference between prologue and epilogue?

Prologue is the beginning of a story, while epilogue is the end.


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