In Greek literature, propitiation is an act of appeasing or placating a god or gods in order to gain their favor. This could be done through offerings, sacrifices, or other acts of worship. The goal was to make the gods happy so that they would grant favors, protection, or other benefits to the supplicant.

Other related questions:

What’s the biblical meaning of propitiation?

The biblical meaning of propitiation is the turning away of God’s wrath by the offering of a sacrifice.

What is the origin of the word propitiation?

The word propitiation comes from the Latin propitiatio, which itself comes from the verb propitare, meaning “to appease or conciliate.” Propitiation originally referred to the act of placating or appeasing a deity, and later came to be used in a more general sense to refer to the act of placating or appeasing another person.

What is the purpose of a propitiation?

The purpose of a propitiation is to turn away the wrath of God.


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