In literature, the terms “push” and “pull” refer to the act of moving a reader through a text. To “push” a reader is to move them forward through the text, while to “pull” a reader is to draw them back into the text. These terms are often used in relation to the pace of a text, as a way to describe how fast or slow a reader is moving through it.

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What does the term push and pull mean?

In the context of marketing, push and pull refer to two different approaches to getting customers to purchase a product or service. Push marketing involves actively pushing a product or service onto potential customers, typically through aggressive marketing techniques such as advertising and sales promotions. Pull marketing, on the other hand, involves creating demand for a product or service through marketing activities that draw customers in, such as creating a strong brand identity or providing excellent customer service.

What are some examples of push and pull?

Some examples of push and pull factors include:

Push factors:

-Natural disasters

Pull factors:

-Economic opportunities
-Political freedoms
-Better quality of life
-Educational opportunities


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