What does sequence mean in literature?


Sep 26, 2022

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In literature, sequence is the order in which events occur. In a story, the sequence of events may be linear, meaning they occur in the order in which they are written, or nonlinear, meaning they occur out of order or in a different order than they are written.

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What is an example of sequence in writing?

“First, we’ll need to gather some supplies. Next, we’ll need to find a good spot to set up our camp. After that, we’ll need to start a fire and cook some food.”

What is an example of sequence in reading?

One example of sequence in reading is when a reader follows the order of events in a story. This can help the reader understand the story better and remember what happened.

What is a sequence in a story called?

A sequence in a story is a series of events that happen in a particular order.

What is an example of a sequence story?

One example of a sequence story is “The Three Little Pigs.” In this story, the pigs are in a sequence as they are trying to escape the big bad wolf. The first pig tries to escape by running away, the second pig tries to hide in a straw house, and the third pig tries to hide in a brick house.


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