What does subplot mean in literature?


Nov 18, 2022

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A subplot is a secondary plot line that is a subordinate to the main plot line in a work of fiction. A subplot may be used to develop the secondary characters, to set up a future story line, or to resolve a supporting element of the main plot.

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What is an example of a subplot?

One possible example of a subplot could involve a character’s internal conflict between what they think is right and what they feel is right. Another example could be a character’s struggle to overcome a physical disability.

How do you find the subplot?

In order to find the subplot, you must first identify the main plot. The main plot is the overall story that is being told. From there, you can identify the subplots, which are the smaller stories that make up the main plot.

What is one reason to use a subplot in a novel?

Subplots can help to create suspense, tension, and conflict in a story by introducing new challenges and obstacles for the characters to overcome. They can also add depth and complexity to the plot, and help to keep readers engaged by providing new information and developments.

What does the subplot usually focus on?

The subplot usually focuses on a specific element of the story, such as a particular character or event.


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