The suffix “-ment” is a common suffix in English that is used to form a variety of different words. In literature, the suffix “-ment” is often used to form words related to the act of writing, such as “development” or “improvement.” The suffix “-ment” can also be used to form words related to the study of literature, such as “commentary” or “experiment.”

Other related questions:

What does the suffix ment means?

The suffix “-ment” is used to form nouns that refer to an action, condition, or result. For example, the word “enjoyment” refers to the action of enjoying something.

What does adding ment do to a word?

Adding ment to a word can change its meaning. For example, the word “care” becomes “careful” when ment is added.

What is a suffix that ends with ment?

There are many suffixes that end with -ment, including:








Is the suffix ment Latin or Greek?

The suffix -ment is derived from Latin, specifically the stem of the verb mittere, meaning “to send.”


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