A caption is a short piece of text that appears beneath an image or graphic. In literature, a caption typically provides brief information about the contents of the image or graphic. Captions can be used to provide context for the reader or to provide additional information about the characters, settings, or events in the story.

Other related questions:

What does caption mean in writing?

In writing, a caption is a short explanation or description accompanying an image or other illustration.

What does captions mean in reading?

Captions are the text that appears at the bottom of a television or movie screen that provides translation of the dialogue or narration, or describes the action taking place.

What does caption mean?

The word “caption” can have a few different meanings. In general, a caption is a text description or title accompanying an image or video. For example, a photo might have a caption that describes the scene, or a video might have a caption that provides the title of the video.

What is caption give an example?

A caption is a piece of text that appears below an image. It is often used to provide a brief description of the image. For example, the caption for the image above might read “The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.”


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