When you summarize something, you give a brief overview of the main points. In literature, summarizing is often used to give an overview of a chapter or book. It can be used to give a brief description of the plot, characters, setting, and theme. Summarizing can also be used to give an opinion of the work, or to make an argument about the importance of the work.

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What is the definition of summarize in literature?

In literature, summarizing is typically defined as providing a brief overview or summary of a text. This can be done by briefly describing the plot, characters, setting, and/or main themes of the work in question. Summarizing can also involve highlighting key quotes or passages from a text.

What does the word summarize mean?

To summarize is to provide a brief overview or summary of something.

What does summary mean in reading?

A summary is a short, concise statement that gives the main points of something. When you are reading, a summary can help you understand and remember the most important information in a text.


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