What does trope mean in literature?


Nov 15, 2022

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A trope is a figure of speech that uses words in a non-literal way to create a rhetorical effect. Tropes are often used to make a point or to create an emotional response in the reader or listener. In literature, tropes are often used to create irony, to make a character more relatable, or to add humor to a scene.

Other related questions:

What is an example of a trope?

A trope is a figure of speech or a commonly used literary device.

What is a trope in books?

A trope is a recurring plot device, motif, or convention in a work of fiction.

What are literary tropes examples?

Some common examples of literary tropes include:


What is the purpose of tropes?

The purpose of tropes is to provide a way for writers to convey information about a story or character without resorting to exposition. Tropes can be used to establish a story’s genre, to set up plot elements, to foreshadow events, or to create suspense.


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