The element of suspense. Mr. Rochester quickly fulfills the element of suspense in romantic literature by creating a sense of anticipation and excitement in the reader. He does this by keeping the reader guessing about his true intentions and by providing just enough information to keep the reader guessing. This creates a sense of anticipation and excitement that keeps the reader engaged and wanting to read more.

Other related questions:

What does Mr. Rochester symbolize in Jane Eyre?

Mr. Rochester is a symbol of the power and oppression of the patriarchy. He is a wealthy man who controls and dominates those around him, including his wife, Jane. He is also a symbol of the dark secrets and hidden desires that lurk beneath the surface of Victorian society.

What effect does Mr. Rochester have on Jane?

Mr. Rochester has a very profound effect on Jane. He brings out her strengths and weaknesses, and ultimately helps her to grow as a person. He also provides her with love and security, which she had been lacking in her life.

Is Mr. Rochester romantic?

Mr. Rochester is a very romantic character. He is always trying to woo Jane and make her feel special. He often gives her compliments and gifts, and he is always trying to make her feel comfortable and happy.

What type of character is Mr. Rochester?

Mr. Rochester is a complex character. He is both brooding and mysterious, but also has a playful and charming side. He is a bit of a loner, but also seems to enjoy the company of others. He is a bit of a enigma, and it is hard to truly define him.


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