The purpose of Christ figures in literature is to provide a religious or moral message to the reader. Christ figures are often used to symbolize hope, redemption, and forgiveness. Christ figures can also be used to contrast the character of the protagonist with the character of Christ.

Other related questions:

Why does Golding use a Christ figure in Lord of the Flies?

Golding may use a Christ figure in Lord of the Flies to represent hope or redemption in the midst of darkness and chaos. Christ is often a symbol of hope and salvation, and Golding may use him to suggest that there is still goodness and hope in the world, even in the midst of a brutal and violent conflict.

What is the purpose of the Christ?

The Christ is a title that refers to Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christianity. Christ is seen as the saviour and redeemer of humanity, and his teachings are seen as a blueprint for living a good and moral life. Christians believe that through faith in Christ, they can be forgiven and have eternal life.


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