The purpose of pedantry in literature is to make the text seem more important or to make the author seem more knowledgeable. It can also be used to make the reader feel more intelligent.

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What is the importance or effect of pedantic language?

There is no one answer to this question as the importance or effect of pedantic language will vary depending on the context in which it is used. In general, however, pedantic language can be seen as a way of showing off one’s knowledge or of making oneself appear more intelligent than others. It can also be used in a sarcastic or mocking way, to make fun of someone else’s pretensions. In some cases, pedantic language may simply be annoying or irritating to those who hear it.

Why do authors use pedantic diction?

There can be a few reasons why an author might choose to use pedantic diction in their writing. Perhaps they are trying to create a certain tone or atmosphere in their piece, or maybe they are simply trying to be more precise in their language. In any case, using pedantic words can be a effective way to get a point across to readers.

What is a pedantic tone in writing?

A pedantic tone in writing is one that is excessively concerned with detail or accuracy, to the point of being tedious or stifling.

What is a pedantic approach?

A pedantic approach is an approach that focuses on the details and minutiae of something, often to the point of being excessively nitpicky.


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