For a research study to be justified in the literature, it means that the study is based on previous research and is supported by evidence. In other words, the study is not simply a new idea, but is based on solid research that has already been conducted. This is important because it gives the study credibility and shows that it is not simply a new idea that has not been tested.

Other related questions:

How do you justify a research study?

There are many ways to justify a research study. One way is to demonstrate how the research will fill a gap in current knowledge. Another way is to show how the research will lead to new or improved methods or treatments. Additionally, the study may be justified by its potential to improve public health or to solve a pressing social problem.

How does literature review justify the research topic?

A literature review is a way to justify the research topic by providing a comprehensive overview of the field of study. It allows the researcher to situate their work within the existing body of knowledge and to identify gaps in the literature that their research may aim to fill. A literature review may also provide a critical assessment of the current state of research on a topic, highlighting areas in need of further exploration.

Why is justification important in research?

Justification is important in research in order to provide a rationale for why the research is being conducted and to convince others of the importance of the research. Justification can also help to ensure that the research is conducted in an ethical and responsible manner.


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