Aside from entertainment, Native American literature served several important purposes. It was used as a tool for teaching moral values, history, and culture. It was also used as a form of communication, allowing tribes to share information and stories between different communities.

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What is the purpose of Native American literature?

Native American literature has a long and complicated history. In some ways, it is similar to other indigenous literatures from around the world, in that it often deals with issues of identity, belonging, and cultural survival. However, Native American literature also has its own unique concerns, experiences, and perspectives. Native American writers often use their work to challenge stereotypes and assumptions about Native American people and cultures, and to celebrate the richness and diversity of Native American life.

What makes Native American literature unique?

Native American literature is unique in that it often tells the stories of Native American tribes and their experiences. These stories can be passed down from generation to generation, and they often contain important cultural and historical information.

What does Native American literature include?

Native American literature includes a wide variety of genres and themes, from traditional oral narratives to more modern works of fiction and poetry. There is also a growing body of scholarship on Native American literature, which includes critical analyses of both popular and lesser-known works.

What are the four common themes of Native American oral literature?

1. The cycle of life

2. The importance of nature

3. The power of the spirit world

4. The strength of family and community


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