This type of study is called a literature review. A literature review is a thorough review of existing literature on a topic. This can be done to research a new topic, to find out what is already known about a topic, or to inform a new research project. Literature reviews are an essential part of any research project, and they can be very time-consuming.

Other related questions:

What are common cross-sectional studies?

There are many types of cross-sectional studies, but some common ones include surveys, interviews, and focus groups. These studies are used to collect data on a specific population at a specific point in time, and can be used to examine trends and patterns.

What is the primary purpose for completing a thorough literature review as part of a research study?

A thorough literature review is an important part of any research study as it helps to build a strong case for the need for the research and provides a foundation upon which the research can be built. It also allows the researcher to identify any gaps in the existing research and to determine what areas need further exploration.

What type of study design should be used to investigate an exposure that is relatively uncommon?

The most appropriate study design to investigate an exposure that is relatively uncommon would be a case-control study.


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