The purpose of Steinbeck’s literature was to explore the human experience, specifically the experience of the common man. He was interested in the plight of the working class and the challenges they faced in a rapidly changing world. Steinbeck’s novels often featured characters who were struggling to make ends meet and who were forced to confront difficult choices in order to survive. His stories were meant to shine a light on the forgotten and the overlooked, and to give voice to the voiceless.

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What was John Steinbeck’s purpose for writing?

John Steinbeck was a journalist and writer who is best known for his novels about the American experience. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1962.

What does John Steinbeck believe is the purpose of Literature?

Steinbeck believed that literature should be entertaining and accessible to as many people as possible. He also believed that literature should be didactic, meaning that it should teach lessons and impart wisdom.

What did Steinbeck’s novels focused on?

Steinbeck’s novels often focused on the lives of poor and working-class people during difficult times. He was known for his realistic and compassionate depictions of characters from all walks of life.

What was the theme in most of John Steinbeck’s books?

John Steinbeck was known for writing about the working class and the struggles they faced.


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