The naturalist movement was a literary movement that occurred in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Naturalist writers sought to promote a more realistic and objective view of the world, as opposed to the romanticized and idealized view that was prevalent at the time. Naturalist writers often used stories about working-class people and the challenges they faced in order to highlight the harsh realities of life. The naturalist movement was a response to the Industrial Revolution and the social changes that it brought about. Naturalist writers believed that literature should be used to promote social reform and to raise awareness about the problems that society was facing.

Other related questions:

How did naturalism affect American literature?

Naturalism was a movement in American literature that began in the late 1800s. This movement was a response to Realism, and it was influenced by Darwin’s theory of evolution. Naturalism focused on the idea that humans are controlled by their environment and their natural instincts. This movement led to a more pessimistic view of human nature, and it also led to more realistic and sometimes brutal portrayals of American life.

What is naturalism in literature simple definition?

Naturalism is a literary genre that emphasizes observation and the scientific method in order to depict characters and events as they really are, without idealization or romanticism.

What are the main themes of naturalism?

The main themes of naturalism include the following:

-The belief that the natural world is the only world that exists and that all other worlds are imaginary
-The belief that the natural world is governed by laws that can be discovered through science
-The belief that the study of the natural world can provide insight into the human condition
-The belief that humans are a part of nature and that they are subject to the same laws that govern the rest of the natural world


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