Yes, when analyzing children’s literature, it is important to examine the society that produced it. This is because children’s literature reflects the values, beliefs, and ideas of the culture in which it was created. By understanding the social context of a work of children’s literature, we can better appreciate the work itself.

For example, when we examine the classic children’s book “The Cat in the Hat,” we can see that it was written during a time when many American children were living in poverty. The book’s message of hope and resilience in the face of adversity speaks to the experiences of these children. Similarly, “The Hunger Games” series reflects the post-9/11 world in which it was written, with its themes of paranoia, surveillance, and government control.

Examining the social context of children’s literature can help us to better understand the work itself and the children who read it.

Other related questions:

What is children’s literature and how it can be Analysed?

Children’s literature is a genre of literature that is specifically written for children. It can be analysed in terms of its content, style, and structure.

What are the three main purposes of children’s literature?

1. To educate children about the world around them

2. To entertain children and help them to develop their imaginations

3. To teach children about themselves and help them to grow emotionally and socially

Why is children’s literature important to society?

Children’s literature is important to society because it helps children develop language skills, learn about their culture, and develop a love of reading.


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