No, you don’t have to write English literature in all caps, but it is a good idea to use proper grammar and punctuation. When you are writing an essay or research paper on literature, there are certain conventions to follow, such as using quotation marks around the titles of books or articles.

Other related questions:

Should English Literature classes be capitalized?

There is no definitive answer to this question since different schools and organizations have different conventions for how to capitalize class titles. In general, however, it is usually acceptable to capitalize English Literature when referring to the class, since it is a proper noun.

Do you capitalize the word literature?

No, literature is not capitalized.

Are literature books capitalized?

There is no one answer to this question since there is no one style guide that everyone follows. Some style guides, such as the Chicago Manual of Style, do recommend capitalizing the word “literature” when referring to the body of work associated with a particular country, culture, or period. However, other style guides, such as the MLA Style Manual, do not recommend capitalizing the word. In general, it is best to consult the style guide that is most commonly used in your field or discipline.

When Should capital letters be used in English?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are a variety of conventions and rules that dictate when capital letters should be used in English. However, in general, capital letters are used to begin proper nouns and proper adjectives, as well as the first word of a sentence. Additionally, capital letters are often used for emphasis or to indicate a special meaning.

What should be Capitalised in English?

Some people believe that all words in a sentence should be capitalized. However, in most cases, only the first word, proper nouns, and acronyms should be capitalized.


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